Two Birdz is a Shop Funding platform in Australia that helps charities and schools, and special projects raise money by people shopping online.

We partner with various merchants who want to advertise on our platform. We also partner with charities, schools and special projects who we donate our income to.

We pass on between 60% to 100% of the money we receive from each advertiser. The money we receive goes towards improving our platform, building our growing team, and making Shop For Cause more accessible to more charities and schools so everyone can build a continuous donation stream.

Yes you can. You can create a TwoBirdz site for your special projects. If you can find the people to shop for you then we can build your site.

It simple, go here:
Complete the form and we will create your site, quick smart. You can start raising money within 24 hours.
No, you don’t need to sign up or become a member. This allows you to just quickly click through with out any other hassles.
We will be creating a member sections soon with some special goodies for those who want a bit more. Stay tuned.
There are several things you can do to ensure your purchase counts:
  • Before you purchase, click through from Shop For Cause and avoid other websites
  • Check if a store has it’s own Special Terms
  • Donations may not be payable if you use a different coupon code
  • Not to be used with any other offers such as Gift Cards or other promotions
  • Donations may not be made if the order has not been completed in full or later changed.
  • Donations will not be made if the goods and services are cancelled or returned.

It can take up to 8 weeks for a donation to appear. Our advertisers need to see the sale in their own systems and then they will fund us once the sale is recognised and confirmed. We then donate this money.

If you return your goods and services, then the donation will not be included. The shop will recall any amounts funded which means Shop For Cause cannot pass on the donation.

We maintain the banner with an up to date total donations made.